“Sarah has the right mix of experience, wisdom and coaching skills to unlock great results for you and your organisation. Even if you are ‘wary’ or ‘unused’ to coaching – the results can be life changing.”

Jenni Young, Marketing Director Connected Digital Economy Catapult and former Marketing Director V-Inspired

“Sarah was able to bring clarity and perspective to a difficult transition between careers. This enabled me to clearly focus on new opportunities that met my personal long term goals.”

Technical/Operations Director, IT Industry

“Sarah coached one of my senior people over a period of six months. I have seen a positive change in the way he interacts and collaborates with his colleagues and his team that has not only led to better relationships but it has made a real difference to the team’s motivation and performance.”

Liz Peace, CEO British Property Federation

“Sarah has been coaching me for the last 6 months and I have benefited from each session, not only in learning new skills but in applying them and seeing results. Sarah is an experienced coach with personal experience in leadership challenges and therefore she is able to coach theory to practice successful.” Amanda Lambert, Sales Director, 3 Mobile

“When I started this job I had little in the way of specialist Leadership Development understanding. In her role as ‘Mentor-Coach & Thinking Partner’ Sarah helped me develop that insight and knowledge. It worked beautifully well. As well as learning a lot it has resulted in two well-regarded global leadership programs with strong buy-in from our CEO.  I always achieved what I wanted from each session with Sarah - they never disappointed and frequently exceeded my expectations”.

Hamish Ferguson, Global Talent Director, Moog Inc

“I`ve been lucky enough to work with Sarah as both a facilitator and coach. Delivering training with Sarah taught me a lot about facilitation, Sarah has a great ability to handle a group and lead them carefully but determinedly to realizations and decisions.”

Head of Transformation, Consumer Electronics industry

"Sarah is a skilled facilitator who was able to quickly build the trust of senior executives.”

Dave Dyson, CEO Three Mobile

“As a facilitator Sarah was very effective, she made good use of stories and had a good sense of humour which kept my attention focused”

Workshop participant, Professional Services

“Some really practical tips that I can start implementing today” “The most useful were the tools and tips to deal with emotions (stress, anxiety, frustration etc). It gave me the motivation to be more effective.”

Comments from participants on my Resilience Awareness workshops

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Sarah has the right mix of experience, wisdom and coaching skills to unlock great results for you and your organisation.

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